About Craig Nannos

Image of Craig NannosDuring 2012-2013 I worked with the Executive Director of the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg Historical Foundation, Ms Barbara Franco, on the creation of their new museum complex. This project centered on the renovation and the presentation of the history of the Seminary during the battle. I was responsible for all the furnishings found in each of the theme exhibits. This included location of period furniture, production of reproduction wardrobe, small props, and the selection and identification of items related to each of the story lines presented. Going well beyond the initial contract agreement with PRD, the design firm, my firm received credit recognition with the other the major companies in the design, construction and fabrication of this historical institution.

In the 2010-2011 periods I worked as the coordinator between the National Constitution Center and the US Army Art Collection in the creation of an award winning display of military art. I was the “Guest Curator” and helped as a designer and technical advisor in this highly regarded production. During the 2010 time period my firm also provided the Kansas Historical Societies, Fort Hays, with a significant selection of life size reproduction uniforms and furnishings for this historic site.

Craigs Photo SmallI was selected to represent the National Guard and Reserve and then called to Active Duty being extensively involved in the development stage of the National Museum of the United States Army. From 1998 through 2003 I served as a consultant on the National Museum Project, interacting with military museums and staffs on an international level, the selection and hiring of key people for the design and collections divisions of the Project, and working on a collection policy. During 2004 and through 2005 I was the Deputy Director of the Project representing the Director and working with the architectural firm of “SOM”, the Patrick Gallagher Design Team, and the British team which developed the internationally known Leeds Museum complex. I then transferred to the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks. I was assigned to the Army Heritage and Education Center working at this facility from 2006 to 2008.

I have been the CEO of “The Sentry Post” for over forty years. This is a firm that bridges the historical, educational, entertainment, and business communities. We have provided historical, organizational, and educational expertise for international historical events, museum exhibitions, and major film productions. The attached listings show the vast scope of these projects, from working on international events such as the “D Day” celebrations to involvement on such Hollywood productions as “Master and Commander”, “The Patriot”, “ Last of the Mohicans’ and numerous other productions.

My academic background in business includes graduate studies at Drexel University, numerous Army courses, 39 years in military service obtaining the rank of Colonel and well over 50 years of involvement in the study of American history and artifacts. This enables me to provide a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the much diversified client base illustrated by the attachments.

Operational focus has been within the following areas of concentration:

  • Museum development and exhibitions
  • Consultant service (historical and or military)
  • Committee Chairman within the Army Museum System
  • National committees on military or historic productions
  • Consultant to various institutions, including the National Park Service, the FBI, and numerous state and private institutions
  • Design and development of exhibitions or furnishing studies
  • National Park Service (Harpers Ferry Center)
  • State and local institutions.
  • Federal military institutions (listings can be provided)
  • Historical films and commemorative events. Attached to this letter is a select listing of some of the productions related to these experiences
  • US Bicentennial Celebrations, 1974 through 1984
  • World War II Commemorative Programs, 1984 through 2004
  • Historical film productions both in Hollywood and in Europe

I have provided my professional assistance to institutions with limited staffs or this expertise to major institutions and international film productions. Through these experiences I have endeavored to bring history alive and attempted to depict it in a true and accurate manner for both the education and entertainment of the public.

Some of my more recent activities include working with the Army Heritage and Educational Center on a seven million dollar renovation of a portion of the Pentagon E Ring. I was involved in development and then fabrication of the military exhibits to include both original materials as well as over 30 reproduction figures depicting the history of the Nation and Army.

Prior to my going on Active Duty I was instrumental in the design and fabrication of Norman Lear’s exhibition on the “Declaration of Independence”. I fabricated most of the original display components and assisted in the initial installation at the Reagan Presidential Library. This traveling exhibition, featuring Lear’s copy of the Dunlap printing of the Constitution, went to numerous Presidential Libraries.

I also developed a highly regarded exhibition “Heroes of World War II” which was presented in Atlantic City and then moved to the Reagan Presidential Library. The Home Front gallery and scale model dioramas at the acclaimed “D Day” Museum, in New Orleans, were also manufactured by my firm.

During the Nation’s Bicentennial Celebrations I orchestrated the 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Battle of Brandywine and was a senior member of the National Park Service Team created for the international activities held at Yorktown Virginia as well as numerous other events both in the United States and overseas. The 1997 Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Commonwealths military, the current Pennsylvania National Guard, detailed me as one of two senior project officers. This was designated as the theme for the 4th of July Celebration and traditional parade in Philadelphia.

I was also selected to work with the Secretary of the Army on the 40th Anniversary Commemoration of “D Day” and was also involved with the 45th, 50th, and 60th celebrations in Normandy.

Please note that I will provide selected references, when requested, from all spectrums of my activities and experiences.