Film Projects

A selected listing of some of my major film projects:

The Far Side of the World

We supplied both technical information and produced the naval and British Marine accoutrements, swords for the principal actors and the ship crew and manufactured all the artillery implements for the ship cannon.

POC:  Mr. Doug Harlocker, Property Master

YEAR: 2002

The Patriot

Provided technical information, original examples and then manufactured the enlisted American and British uniforms and provided all the swords and military accoutrements for both of the depicted armies.

POC:  Ms Debra Scott, Costume Designer and Mr. Doug Harlocker, Prop Master

YEAR: 1999

Wild Wild West

Participated in both the design and then the manufacture of the “Loveless Army” wardrobe as well as Confederate uniforms for the principal and supporting actors.

POC:  Ms. Debra Scott, wardrobe designer and Mr. Paul Lopez, Warner Brothers Productions

YEAR: 1998


Provided technical information and then manufactured all the dress and fatigue uniforms for the Marine Corps (including headgear, shoes and accessories) for this production. We also provided research information and the uniforms for the New England Militia (New Haven Grays) elements of the production.

POC:  Mr. Paul Deason, UPM, Dreamworks Productions

YEAR: 1997

Rough Riders

Manufactured the American dress and field uniforms for the principals as well as the large contingent of American troops seen in the production.

POC:  Ms. Mary Church, UPM, Larry Levinson Productions

YEAR: 1996

For Love and Glory

I was the Historical & Military / Technical Advisor.  Supervised selection of historic and military wardrobe, reviewed script for technical and historical background, worked in all aspects of filming of military troops and the historical and military scenes.

POC:  David Gerber, Ex. Producer; Roger Young, Director

YEAR: 1993

Last of the Mohicans

I provided the technical information, patterns and manufactured the military uniforms, flags, and a large portion of accoutrements with a billing in excess of $ 500,000.00.  I was the only firm in the country having both the expertise and manufacturing capability to handle the project.

POC:  Michael Mann, Ex. Producer; James Acheson, Initial Costume Designer, Hunt Lowery, Producer

YEAR: 1992

A Midnight Clear

I provided the bulk of the American and German uniforms in addition to a significant portion of the field equipment.

POC:  Ms Barbara Tfank, Costume Supervisor

YEAR: 1991

George Washington Mini Series

I worked in all areas of production to ensure a high level of historic accuracy.  I was also involved in the site selections, designed and manufactured most of the historic wardrobe, including Washington’s.  I worked in all aspects of the production, which included choreographing the battles and interfacing with management at the historic sites and worked in post-production, sound looping, and the recording of live fife and drum music.  This was a project, which required my full time involvement for over one year.

POC:  David Gerber, Executive Producer; Tom Malanga, Senior Vice President at Disney Studios

YEAR: 1983

Two Weeks in Winter

This was a BBC production in which I acted as a liaison officer with the U.S. military in the use of equipment and troops.  I was also the military consultant during film production in the United States.

POC:  Chris Cameron, Producer, BBC London, United Kingdom

YEAR: 1982


I was the military/technical supervisor and liaison with the Pentagon for use of Army equipment and script approval.  I worked with all film departments to ensure military accuracy and approval by the School, Department of Defense, and the producers.

POC:  Mr. Stanley R. Jaffe, Producer

YEAR: 1981

American Years

I was involved in the historical and military aspects of this production, including wardrobe, props and obtaining living history personnel for major segments of this IMAX production by Francis Thompson, of New York City.

POC:  UPM, Mr. David Kappes, Forrester Productions, NYC

YEAR: 1975


I and my associates have also worked on a significant number of PBS, Historic Park Sites, and educational productions.  The names of all of these projects and points of contact can also be supplied.  I should also note that I have had been actively involved in many of the National Park Service Historic Visitor Center films.  Other PBS type productions were filmed overseas with some, obtaining awards and recognition, such as, “Untold Stories of the Battle of the Bulge” in 1986 and the Warner Brother production  “Surrender at Yorktown” which was nominated for an Academy Award.

A listing of references from the historical, military, and film communities will be provided on request.